Summer Picnic Recipes: 4 Colorful Dishes

summer picnic recipes: ginger-salmon-and-asparagus

Why not serve these colorful, healthy summer picnic recipes this year, instead of grabbing the usual hotdogs, chips, coleslaw, and sodas? Eat the rainbow with these delicious, nutritious, beautiful dishes, your neighbors, friends, and family will love! The season for picnics and BBQs is here. And we recently taste-tested these recipes at my friend Nita’s…

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Keeping Your Brain Fit As You Age

image of brain, keeping your brain fit

There’s been a lot in the news lately about keeping your brain fit as you age. First, it was crossword puzzles, then Sudoku. And now there are online brain games like Lumosity and BrainHQ. But diet and exercise also play a big part in keeping your brain fit as you age. News Flash! The low-fat…

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5 Health Benefits of Garlic

5 Health Benefits of Garlic, Nick Fewings, Unsplash

Updated June 2019 Do you LOVE garlic? Or not so much? I’m a huge garlic-lover. And luckily for me, my husband Kirk loves garlic too! So we eat garlic almost daily, in our salad dressing, stir fries, and other cooked dishes. As it turns out, the health benefits of garlic have been known for thousands…

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Curried Lentil Coconut Soup

Curried Lentil Coconut Soup image

Sharing this curried lentil coconut soup as a big thanks to all of you who responded to my recent blog post survey. I truly appreciate your responses. And the survey results indicate that many of you would like to see more healthy recipes. Luckily for you, I have been clipping and saving healthy recipes for…

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5 Health Benefits of Ginger

health benefits of ginger

As I sit aboard my sailboat writing this post, Seattle is experiencing a very stormy weekend. Outside it’s blowing a gale and raining sideways. But I’m cozy inside, drinking a cup of ginger tea to warm me up. Besides warming me up, there are many health benefits of ginger. Ginger root has been used in…

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