What is Leaky Gut? Do You Have It & How To Fix It

leaky gut

Leaky Gut Syndrome has been in the media a lot recently. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with it, or know someone who has? Or maybe you’ve never even heard of Leaky Gut. After reading this article, you will know what Leaky Gut is. And if you have any of the classic symptoms of Leaky Gut, what…

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6 Tips for a Healthy Immune System

6 tips for a healthy immune system

‘Tis the season—there is so much virus talk in the news again. But don’t buy into the hype. You do NOT have to be afraid of every virus that comes along. In fact, did you know that fear suppresses your immune system? So let’s take a look at some health hacks for a healthy immune…

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Are You Gluten Sensitive and Don’t Know It?

are you gluten sensitive and don't know it, woman in pain image

Could you be gluten-sensitive or Celiac and not know it? Have you noticed that gluten-free foods and menus are everywhere these days? As someone who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease myself, I am very grateful for that. But I also hear a lot of people comment “Gluten-Free is just a fad”, or “going gluten-free is…

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How Can Functional Medicine Help You?

how can functional medicine help you?

Have you been hearing about Functional Medicine recently? It’s been popping up in the news and in social feeds. The popular NY Times best-selling author Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. is the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is the new path that many mainstream AMA medical doctors are taking. But…

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What Supplements Do You Really Need?

There are so many supplements on the market these days. Not to mention a host of holistic doctors coming out with their own “miracle cure” branded supplements for everything under the sun, but primarily weight loss and “anti-aging”. Since my clients frequently ask me “what supplements do you take?” I thought I would share a…

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Is Your Appendix Really Necessary?

Sometimes my functional medicine studies take me down rabbit holes. And learning about the appendix was one of those holes. I love sharing what I’m learning, to help you stay healthier too! Do you still have your appendix? Or have you had an appendectomy? Either way, read on as it turns out there’s more to…

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