Cooling Foods Beat the Heat: Watermelon Lime Cooler

Watermelon Lime Coolers

Are you eating the best cooling foods to beat the summer heat? I’ve always been a sun-worshipper, a lover of Summer, a tropical traveler. But now that we are living in Mexico where the thermometer the humidity regularly hit the high 90’s°. Ugh, it’s with much dismay that I’ve realized my body may not dig…

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Mexican Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad

This delicious Mexican Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad is perfect for any summer bar-b-que, picnic, lunch, or dinner. I got the original recipe from a client (thanks Kathy!). And then I modified it because I can never follow any recipe exactly, LOL! (Usually, I need to swap out some ingredients that may contain gluten,…

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Mediterranean Tapenade


On a recent sailboat passage, we wanted a quick, healthy lunch. So I checked what I had in my fridge and pantry and whipped up this Mediterranean Tapenade in 10 minutes. Super fast and SO delicious!! If I’d had more time or thought ahead, I would have made the garbanzo beans, soaked them overnight in…

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Roasted Veggies & Cannellini Beans Upcycle into Soup!

This hearty, warming Roasted Veggies & Cannellini Beans recipe is perfect for autumn or winter. I made it earlier this week and had to share it because it’s SOOOO good! And it’s packed full of colorful root vegetables to help you eat the rainbow and boost your phytonutrient intake at the same time. Root vegetables…

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Eat Well to Balance Your Immune System


Do you need to balance your immune system? You may be seeing lots of articles and news stories about “boosting your immune system”. But in reality, you want to BALANCE your immune system, not necessarily “boost” it. Boosting it could create an overactive immune system. And this can be just as bad as an under-active…

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Salted Chocolate Energy Balls

These Salted Chocolate Energy Balls are just the ticket if you’re looking for a quick, healthy-licious on-the-go snack! I’ve tried a lot of different recipes for energy balls recently. My main criteria: they had to be tasty, easy to make, and hold together well. But I never really found one that fit the bill. So…

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