Revive & Thrive Group Coaching for Women

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Spring into Summer as you learn to feel your best again...

This Exclusive Group Wellness Coaching for Women starts April 22.

Has your body let you down as you've gotten older? Sleepless nights • Brain fog • Low energy • Embarrassing digestive woes • Skin rashes

You're not alone. Your body is talking...are you listening? Learn how to decipher clues and cues (a.k.a. symptoms) and radiate wellness again.

This 9-week group coaching program runs April 22 - June 17, 2024, and

8 self-paced 60-minute video modules (yours to keep)

9 LIVE coaching calls (Zoom), recorded if you can't make Live Session

Private FB Group for ongoing support

Transform your health. Change your life!

In the exclusive Revive & Thrive Online Group Wellness Coaching Program for Women, embark on a journey to reclaim your vibrant life. Uncover the secrets of better sleep, hydration, and gut health, revitalize your energy, lose unwanted pounds, and find the true roots of your own wellness concerns.

You're too young to feel this damn old! But lately, you feel like your body is letting you down, with one thing after another. Stress affects your sleep. Poor sleep affects your mood. Your mood affects your diet and lifestyle choices, rinse and repeat. Right?

Yet, as hard as you try, you just can't seem to get off that hampster wheel. Uggh! I feel you, I've been there before. And I know there's a better way. That's why I created this program just for you.

Imagine finally feeling healthier and more vibrant! 

What if it were possible?

  • What if you could finally fall asleep and stay asleep? (Instead of tossing and turning, or counting sheep all night—cuz that always works!)
  • What if you could ditch your gas and bloating for good - almost magical, right? (The total opposite of feeling 5 months pregnant and missing yet another party, boo.)
  • What if you could resolve your chronic diarrhea or constipation - once and for all? (No more need to find the nearest bathroom ASAP.)
  • What if you could start to rebalance your hormones with fewer mood swings?
  • What if you knew how to read the clues and cues your body was sending you and could diminish or resolve them? (Rather than playing a guessing game - or worse, just ignoring your symptoms.)


If you've been struggling with embarrassing digestive distress,

If you wish you could just sleep like a baby for ONCE,

If you've wondered "How will I ever get my energy back?"

If you've thought "Why am I so ______________ (insert feeling)"

YOU'RE NOT ALONE! And I'm here to help.

Revive & Thrive Program Overview

Join us today for exclusive access to:

  • Lifetime access to 8 video modules - a deep dive into the foundations of wellness (see modules below)
  • 9 LIVE 1-hour Group Coaching Calls via Zoom (recorded too if you can't attend live)
  • Worksheets & Resources for each module, to help you remember and easily access what’s important to you
  • Exclusive Facebook Community - Join our private community of like-minded women, cheering each other on as we embrace our health and wellness goals together!
  • 20% off professional supplements (US only)
  • Access to Functional Medicine Lab Tests (US only, additional cost)

Revive & Thrive Online
Group Wellness Coaching Program

Course Cirriculum Components - Screen-ipad-phone-11.2023

8 Self-paced functional wellness video modules

On your journey to Revive & Thrive, we'll take a deep dive into the 7 foundations of functional wellness, to help you improve your overall health while you uncover the true root of your own wellness concerns. Discover everyday practices that fuel your body and pave the way for lasting well-being. Get ready to feel fantastic again!

Module 1: Rise and Shine Queen

Overcome insomnia and other sleep issues to seize the day with powerful sleep strategies. Say farewell to restless nights and reign over your days with a refreshed spirit.

Module 2: Happy, Healthy Lymph & Elimination

Discover the importance of hydration, lymph flow, and elimination for a healthier, happier you. Feel lighter, more vibrant, and resolve chronic constipation or diarrhea for good.

Module 3: Gut Goddess Makeover

Say adios to digestive woes like gas, bloating, or heartburn by nurturing gut health. Restore your gut microbiome to embark on a journey of smoother digestion, with more comfort and less embarrassment.

Module 4: Energize Your Plate & Nourish Your Body

Harness the power of food and habit choices to elevate your health! Nourish your body with delicious, wholesome foods and craft a lifestyle that sets you on a path to optimize your vitality.

Module 5: Move Like a Radiant Warrior

Revitalize joints, overcome pain, and build strength like the true goddess you are! Experience newfound freedom with more mobility and less pain as you tap into your physical power.

Module 6: Chillax Diva

Buh-bye stress and hello serenity. Discover the beauty of breathing, gratitude, and other mind-body tools to help you unwind and achieve a calm, balanced state of mind throughout your day.

Module 7: Detox & Cleanse

Establish detoxification habits for a healthy body, home, and life! Learn where toxins are hiding under your nose and banish them to honor your newfound vitality.

Bonus Module 8: Functional Labs, Nutrients, & Supplements

Learn to view your blood lab results from a Functional Wellness perspective ("optimally HEALTHY" reference ranges vs the "population average"). Discover clues about your health, and which vital nutrients may be out of balance in your unique body. Do you really need supplements? And if so which ones? You might be surprised by what you'll discover!


What past  Revive & Thrive participants are saying...

"Revive & Thrive was an amazing experience! It really set me on the right path of healing, elevating my lifestyle, eating right, exercising, and just really helped me balance my life. Since joining Revive & Thrive I have remained on such a healthy path! I give thanks for this wonderful program. It really was a life changer for me and pushed me in such a great direction for my all-around well-being—Thanks Heidi, you’re amazing!" — Danielle B.

"The Revive & Thrive program has been so beneficial for learning what our bodies need to thrive. Everyone should learn how our bodies work and what they need so we have a foundation for our health to build upon. Heidi makes this learning easy, fun, and incredibly rewarding by teaching us this information in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-incorporate format. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to improve their health and feel amazing." — Leanne D.

"Revive and Thrive has been full of valuable information that is helping me feel healthy and energetic. Heidi has a wealth of knowledge about health matters and helps us on a journey to true wellness, not just lack of sickness. I have made many small changes that have added up to big differences in how I feel! — Stephanie JS.

"The Revive & Thrive modules are full of the latest research and were so informative, and easy to listen to and watch. I enjoyed how Heidi set up the group Zoom calls so we could share key takeaways and ask questions. The calls provided great accountability and I learned additional information during these question-and-answer sessions. I cannot recommend this program enough! In less than 3 months my sleep habits have greatly improved and I have lost 17.5 lbs! " —Jacquie F.

"Revive & Thrive provides the knowledge and support to take charge of your health! I feel so empowered with this group coaching program.” — Tricia B.

"I recommend Revive & Thrive to anyone who wants to learn how our body functions with better sleeping habits, better gut health, and overall well-being. Heidi offers a superb program and explains things in a way you can easily understand." — Susie B.

"Revive & Thrive is a fabulous program. It's a great reminder of a lot of things I've known in the past, but wasn't always remembering to make time to do! And the live coaching calls added that extra support that was so helpful. If you're looking to take back your health, I definitely recommend this group coaching program.” — Jackie J.


Take Back Your Health!
Revive & Thrive April 22–June 17, 2024

Invest in your well-being and take charge of your wellness today...

Register by April 21, 2024

$547 one time payment*
  • PLUS receive two FREE bonuses when you're an EARLY BIRD and register by April 15:
  • A complimentary copy of my 90-Day Food, Mood, & Gratitude Journal
  • One 45-minute private coaching call (must be used during the 9 week program.)

*Need a payment plan? Please message me.

Meet Heidi

The reason I created this Revive & Thrive Online Group Wellness Coaching Program for women is that I also struggled with the same issues and knew there was a better solution. So I created this program for you...and would love to have you join the Revive & Thrive Tribe!

Learn more about my wellness journey here.

Heidi Hackler, Functional Wellness Coach, Author, and Reiki Master

This program is not for you if...

You don’t believe your body can heal itself.

You just want to take a pill for your symptoms, not get to the root of why they are there.

You'd rather talk about your health issues than take action to resolve your wellness concerns.

You expect to resolve your health issues without having to do any work.

You are not willing to take responsibility for your own health and well-being.

You aren’t willing to make changes outside of your comfort zone.

"Fries with that" is your jam and you can't imagine eating more fruits and veggies if your life depended on it.

Ready to invest in your future?

Your health is priceless, and I'm dedicated to making this invaluable program accessible to all. Join us now and commit to a future of wellness and vitality.

Take action today. Reserve your spot now and start your wellness journey to Revive & Thrive. Let's make optimal health your reality by Summer! 

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